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Shore Projects

Here at Shore Projects we hold a deep passion for timeless, quality products that can be worn every day; drawing inspiration from the British landscape.

That’s why we’ve hand-picked other brands that share our ethos and are, like us, consistently striving to push the boundaries of fashion. They know the importance of perfecting every last detail, as well as the importance of risk and innovation.

See what you’d like to bring on your next adventure...

- Our Watches -

All the watches are influenced by vintage designs, combined with strong modern day build quality and 100m water resistance. Using precision manufacturing processes this allows the watches to withstand the demands of everyday living, and of course, swimming in the sea. The innovative strap mechanism that makes it easy to swap straps on a daily basis, so each watch can inhabit a whole new look in just a few seconds.

- Others Brands We Feature -

Old Harry

Old Harry may be merchants of the high seas but you’ll find no pirates here! Their lovingly and painstakingly designed lambs wool and cotton knitwear is not only stylishly comfortable with superb quality to boot, but it will keep you warm on the most blustery of seaside strolls.

Brydon Brothers

The Eagles have landed. Using the finest British sourced materials, the Brydon Brothers have perfected the art of producing top quality, handmade belts right here in the UK. Strong and comfortable with their unique ‘no holes’ design, you won’t want to look any further for a belt.


These aren't just good quality socks in killer styles; whenever you purchase a pair of Jollies another pair of socks is donated to charity. Founder, Ed (who happens to be a jolly lovely fella) is also using GOTS certified organic cotton to create his Jollie socks. This ensures that the cotton has been manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way.


The Silverstick journey started in 2010 when a passion for adventure and the environment led them to create a collection of clothing for outdoor people.

Like all outdoor people they value the natural world. So, making garments in a sustainable way is fundamental to their clothing design. Buy once, wear often, love forever is epitomised by their made for life ethos.

The magical Silver Stick bird inspires their name and logo. Symbolising a spirit of adventure and commitment to create clothing in harmony with the environment.

keep an eye out for more British brands arriving here soon...