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In 2014 Shore Projects was created by 3 friends who didn’t wear watches. We came together to create a watch we would wear ourselves and a brand inspired by our love for the Seaside.

And it worked. Shore became popular overnight and suddenly we found ourselves in department stores all over the globe but there was one small problem…we had no flipping clue how to run a watch business and bad financial planning meant we almost lost it all.

But, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and in the 5 years since launching we have learned a series of lessons which we have used to shape us into a better company. Today, we use those lessons as our guiding principles.

We thank you for your support - it allows us to keep on learning and who knows what the new and improved Shore Projects will look like in another 5 years.

Until then, we hope you enjoy your watch and you get to spend some time on your own favourite beach. It’s where we are our happiest. :)

Much Love,

Today we use those lessons as our guiding principles and here is what they are:

  • 01

    Sell direct

    If you are in department stores you have to double your price to allow for their margin - so we have decided to sell direct to you. The only place you will be able to buy a Shore Projects (that is real) is on our website and we have passed that fat margin onto you - our customer.

  • 02

    Make something that really lasts

    All of our watches are built to last and withstand a bit of rough and tumble on the sand. They are all waterproof to 100m and we have a 1 year warranty on our battery powered watches and a 2 year warranty on our Automatics.

  • 03

    Keep it interesting

    All of our straps are interchangeable with all of our watches meaning you can collect a load of different straps and change the look of your watch depending on your mood. We will also be doing a tonne of watch and strap collaborations with interesting people and brands so watch this space.

  • 04

    Give back & have fun

    Business should be about 2 things - having fun and contributing back to society so we donate 10% of our profits to support the ocean charity Marine Conservation Society to keep our oceans and beaches clean.