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Tantalising Tynemouth

Tynemouth is one of the most popular summer destinations in the UK. The name Tynemouth is derived from its location, which is at the ‘mouth’ of river Tyne. Despite its sandy beaches that are a perfect place for surfing competitions, there are a host of other activities that spice up this seaside destination.

If you like to get out there and get active then you will love the whole host of events that Tynemouth town has to offer. For instance this town is home to the Mouth of Tyne Festival. This is an annual event that was started more than ten years ago.

Other events include the beer festival, the food festival, and the beach volleyball tournament. So there's something for everyone.

Foodies can enjoy the typical English dish of fish and chips - available at the town`s restaurants such as King Edward`s Bay and Riley`s Fish Shack.

Tynemouth is also a good place for family days and there is always something to keep the kids entertained at Tynemouth Park. For the parents out there why not take some down time at one of Tynemouth's many bars and pubs. Hugo`s, Salutation and Ora are among the many on offer.

Tynemouth even has a claim to fame because it was used to film the children`s classic series Supergran. In fact, some of the artifacts used in filming the series had been on public display on front street until 2006.