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Torsa Island

You can find Torsa just off the west coast of Scotland, in Ardnamir Bay near the Isle of Luing and Oban on the main land. This incredible location puts you close to many areas of natural beauty, and even some of natural wonder, such as the Corryvrckan whirlpool near Jura.

At approximately a mile long and half a mile wide it’s not a big place, but that just means that you can explore every inch of this ancient place, including its castle, yes, castle... well its castle ruins anyway!

At the north end of the island, up a steep ridge, you’ll find the ruins of the medieval fortress; Caisteal nan Con, which means 'the dog's castle', built in the 16th century by the MacLeans. There may only be ruins left, but standing up on them, you’re bound to feel like the king/queen of the hill.

It’s not all ancient castles and remote farming cottages though. Torsa is part of the Firth of Lorn Marine Special Area of Conservation, meaning you also have a chance to see some incredible wildlife. Dolphins and porpoises can be seen in Melfon Sound, Otters hunt in the kelp and seals bask on the rocks. And that's just in the water; on the island you’ll find deer and foxes. Overhead: any number of sea birds.

So even though it won’t be yours forever, for the time you’re there, you’ll rule you own private empire.