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At Shore Projects we love embarking on collaborative initiatives. #2minutebeachclean was an idea born in 2014 by Martin Dorey to help save the very beaches and shores that our watches are named after.

We want you guys to join #2minutebeachclean's growing community of beach lovers rolling up their sleeves to help rid Britain's beaches of marine litter and plastic pollution, two minutes at a time.

Every piece of litter removed from the beach matters. So it doesn’t matter if you do 2 minutes or 30. Each and every piece of marine plastic removed from the beach is a piece that will no longer go on to kill.

Our marine life is incredibly fragile and the great thing about #2minutebeach clean is that everyone can get involved and do their part. We’ve all seen harrowing footage of marine life suffering due to the effects of plastic in our seas and on our shores and much can be done, by us, to eliminate this. 

Enjoy your time at our amazing beaches and keep a look out for the Shore Projects Beach Clean Board coming to a beach near you.

Big love

Shore Projects X 2minutebeachclean