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Having spent the last couple of years seeking sunsets and a sense of adventure, I turned a hobby into a career and found myself capturing moments and
chasing my dream; it’s safe to say I’m loving every moment of it.

My photography is heavily influenced by my surroundings and my childhood in the countryside, and as I've grown up I've formed a strong passion for photographing the things I love - adventure, coffee, and friends. For me, taking a photo is special, it provides me with a return ticket back to a moment in time, a memory, a reason to smile - and well that’s probably why I’ll always appreciate taking photos, and why I’ll always be happy with a camera in my hands..

I guess you could characterise my content as a combination of adventure and lifestyle; but as a photographer I prefer not to label my work, in fact I find nothing more exciting than packing up my Defender and heading out without a shoot list or agenda - instead, I quite like that idea of being a little lost, not knowing exactly where or what the next photo will be of, but rather knowing that there’s an adventure to be had, and the potential for memories to be made.

Both in my work, and my personal life, I’ve formed an attitude whereby my main goal is quite simply to smile, and to make the most of everyday; I suppose this ambition comes as a result of battling and beating cancer - an experience which has not only altered my perception of life, but shaped it. When you’ve faced the worst life has to offer and come out the other side, it’s hard not to be happy! It’s this sense of happiness and fulfilment that I strive to portray in my work..

Shooting for Shore Projects is, and has been, a true privilege. With my Project 3 timepiece having been an essential component of my every-day-carry for some time now, It’s been crazy to think that behind so many of the pictures I’ve taken there’s been a Shore Projects watch, so it was about time that it took centre stage for a change! The brand will undoubtedly continue to inspire me, and I’m sure this won’t be the last time my watch get’s to feature in-front of the shutter!

Keep Smiling, Take the Adventure, and Enjoy the Ride,