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How are you enjoying living in the Netherlands?
I love being in the Netherlands, the people are very friendly and I can cycle everywhere without having to worry about being hit by cars. There seems to be a more communal feel among people, plus they love to eat sweet things.  
What do you miss (if anything?!) about the UK?
I'm still spending a lot of time in London working on my new album which gives me an excuse to keep in touch with friends and family. I sometimes miss the vastness of London, and always being able to discover new parts of it, and all the nature spots around England, and seeing foxes.

How do you go about constructing a song and what inspires you?
I usually start from improvisations and chisel away at them adding lyrics later. Maiya my baby daughter is my main inspiration. I also find that trying to keep a free mind in a world full of distractions is very important, in order to have the mental space to create something. That and Bill Evans.

What do you enjoy most, writing the music or playing it live?
Such different things are hard to compare. The experience of sharing your music with people can leave you buzzing for days, even if it doesn't always go to plan. Whereas writing is a battle with yourself to try and come up with something new - which can at times be frustrating, but can also liberate the way you view your own limitations. 

Where and when was the best gig you've played?
For the CV: supporting Gil Scott Heron at his last ever show in UK at Brixton Academy in 2010. For the soul: performing at Kulturalna in Warsaw, Poland for the first time in 2012.

What are your next steps in your musical career?
Finishing my fourth album. Sharing it later this year, and touring it. Then doing it all over again

Do you have a favourite UK beach?
A friend took me once to a surfing spot near Cornwall, and the only people there were out surfing in the sunset. I don't remember where exactly but if I could be transported to a beach in the UK right now it would be there.