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Clovelly, Devon

As a privately-owned estate for over 400 years, Clovelly has retained a truly unique atmosphere and is a must-see spot when holidaying in Devon.

Nestled in the side of a 400-foot cliff, Clovelly is far too narrow and quite possibly too steep for vehicles of any kind, instead relying on sledges and donkeys - yes donkeys - to pull goods up and down it's precipitous cobbled streets. Unfortunately do to the steep slopes this means that access to those in wheelchairs is also not allowed, but there is a Land Rover service offering rides to the harbour from the visitor’s centre, to anyone unable to walk through the village.

Once a thriving fishing village Clovelly is now mainly a tourist destination, though it does still have a small fishing tradition. It also houses a lifeboat station in it's idyllic stony harbour, and after a short walk along the beach you’ll find a beautiful waterfall tumbling into the sand.

If you manage to climb all the way to the bottom of the cliff you’ll be rewarded with a good pub and uninterrupted sea vistas. There's also a clean harbour for swimming or just dipping your feet and catching some rays!

But remember: what comes down must go up, and this half kilometre of steep winding paths may seem a little daunting, but once you’ve stood at the bottom of that hill and marvelled at the beauty of this small village, you’ll realise it was worth the walk.