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Britain's Best Seaside Spots For Fashionistas

1. Brighton, Sussex

Often described as London by the sea, Brighton is one of the UK’s most iconic cities for the creative arts. The shopping in this beautiful city is as diverse and eclectic as the people that live there. Whether you’re looking for independent boutiques, recycled clothing, vegetarian shoe shops or well-known high street retailers, Brighton is every fashion lover’s dream come true.

2. Newquay, Cornwall

If laid back looks and surfer chic are more your style, than look no further than a shopping trip to Newquay. This town epitomises the relaxed vibes and style of UK seaside towns, especially those found in Cornwall! You’ll still find your usual high street stores, but why not take a stroll round the many independent boutiques and surf shops you’ll find there.

3. Bournemouth, Dorset

Bournemouth is all about vintage style, pre-loved fashion and up-cycling. You’ll find a number of independent boutiques, but this beautiful seaside town also hosts regular vintage fairs. Think pre-loved kilos of clothing, where you can purchase bags of recycled clothes, with the thrill of not knowing what’s inside. So if you're a keen fashionista, why not pour your way through kilos of potential at one of Bournemouth’s many vintage clothes fairs.

4. Salcombe, Devon

Salcombe is the town where seaside chic and luxury boutiques meet in perfect harmony. A number of big brands like Jack Wills originated here and the stunning seaside town is scattered with independent outlets, fine fashion and beach essentials. Making this feel like a rather classy shopping experience for all fashion lovers.

5. Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff has catapulted onto the fashion scene in recent years, even being voted the sixth best place to shop in the UK. A combination of high street stores, boutiques and antique markets, the Welsh capital is leading the way for modern shopping experiences. What’s more, every year the city hosts its own fashion week, to showcase what Wales has to offer. 

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s easy to forget that Edinburgh is by the sea, but this key Scottish city has it’s own unique sense of style. Perhaps it’s due to the colder weather up there, but this is a city of classics. Think staple coats, leather jackets and cashmere jumpers - after all, you’ll want to wrap up warm! The savvy Scots favour the timeless classics that can be worn again and again, so if you're looking to bolster your wardrobe with some stylish staple items, Edinburgh could be the city for you.

7. Margate, Kent

The perfect example of an ageing British seaside town, Margate has been reclaimed by the millennial generation in recent years. This has made it a paradise for vintage shopping. What’s more, it is a haven for menswear, something that a lot of other small towns tend not to be, with the focus often on women's fashion. The well-known King Street offers a range of mainstream and independent retailers, so there’s something for everyone in this gritty seaside town.

8. Bristol

Much like Brighton, Bristol is an iconic seaside resort in the UK. It is one of the South West’s biggest shopping destinations and each year it hosts its own fashion week. The diverse inhabitants mean the shops are a mixed bag, from small local labels to high street stores. What’s more, you’ll also find your fair share of vintage fashion and independent boutiques in the city. Perfect for style spotting, you’ll see a huge variety of styles as anything goes with the Bristolian crowd. That’s why this is the ideal seaside destination for every fashionista.

Written by Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor at Inscripture.com lovers of seaside towns, styles and accessories.