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What do you love most about going out and taking photos?

Whenever I'm out taking photos, I'm always looking for beauty in ordinary scenes. Interesting light, colors, and textures fascinate me, and photography helps me to see the world in new ways. I love being able to capture some fraction of a second that may never look that exact way again. Depending on the subject of the photo — the light could change, different people could walk by, or the water may not splash in that identical pattern again. For me, photography is about capturing unique snippets of life in beautiful ways. 

Are you always carrying a camera with you or do you shoot on your iPhone only?

The majority of the time that I'm shooting photos, I usually only have my iPhone. I've lived in different parts of the world that carrying my DSLR would make me stand out or draw attention to myself, which I try to avoid. I prefer to be an observer of the world first and foremost. That being said, I have recently started carrying my DSLR with me more than usual. There are some scenes that can't be fully captured with an iPhone.


When you take the perfect photo, what does it feel like?

Despite the tens of thousands of photos I've shot over the years, I'm not sure that I've ever captured a perfect photo. However, when I capture a photo that's beautiful or aesthetically pleasing, I want to share it with others. That's one of my favorite parts of photography, too. It would be easy to keep all of my photos to myself. But the beauty found in photography is best when it's shared. 

Would you consider turning photography into a career?

My background is in photography, and I have been fortunate enough to incorporate it into my career. I work for an international relief organization, and part of my position includes using photos and stories to document our work. Even so, I make time to go out and create photos for my own enjoyment and to practice my craft.







    Shore Projects introduces #goodtimes - an ongoing photography competition that celebrates your good times from all over the world. Join the Shore Projects community on Instagram by sharing imagery that best embodies your good times around the shoreline. From beach holidays, to day trips, we want to see you enjoying the shore in your own way.


    • Follow @shore_projects on Instagram
    • Post a photo that best embodies the #goodtimes shore theme to your instagram account - the photo must be original and contestants can enter as many original photos as desired during this time.
    • Tag the image with #shoreprojects and #goodtimes in the caption to submit


    Grand Prize - We will be awarding a winner each month with a Shore Projects gift box, who will also get their photo published in our next Shore journal.Runner up prize - A weekly winner will be chosen to receive a watch of their choice.This is an ongoing competition, with plenty of chances to win, so get your pictures in and start tagging!